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Sell Travel? You must ask yourself these…
Everyone wants to grow their business. If not, please stop reading this email.Every single day for the last 6 years I've spoken to Travel Agency Owners, Marketing directors, V.P's of Sales, Travel agents, Consortia heads, etc. about one thing.How to grow.Here's the problem.Most companies aren't ready to grow.I always start my partnership meetings off more or less the same way.Explain...

So... are you?
Emailing, that is.Whether you're a single consultant shop, or a busy agency. Fact is, you gotta be emailing weekly just to keep your customers.Because they're fickle. Always heading where the best deals are. Breaking your heart. Even when you give the best possible service ever.And regular emails are proven to be many times more powerful than social media or websites....

Some good Travel Agency news
I was thinking what to talk to you about this morning when I came across some interesting stats on the travel agency industry.Revenues for Travel Agencies should grow to $17 Billiion in 2020 up from $15 Billion in 2015.78% of Revenues are coming from commissions, while 22% come from service fees -- a slow but unstoppable movement from commissions to...

Is AirBnB affecting your hotel bookings?
Hotel bookings are eventually going the way of airline seatsIn fact, some surveys show that in response, hotels in a bunch of destinations have lowered their prices to match or even beat, AirBnB. It's hard to compete with a well appointed home. So some travel consultants have now started to book AirBnB properties for their clients. With bookings being paid...

People Don’t Buy What You Do, They Buy Why You Do It — Simon Sinek
I carry the book Start with Why in my laptop bag everywhere.Honestly I think this book has been to 4 continents already.The book which I’ve probably read 30 times reminds me of one thing. WHY WE DO WHAT WE DOI was asked this very question by a partner the other day.This was my response.“ WE HELP CREATE AMAZING TRAVEL EXPERIENCES....

How Travel Professionals Can Drive Sales When Traveling
How Travel Professionals Can Drive Sales When Traveling
Our CEO Ryan McElroy speaks on one of the best, simple ways to drive sales to your Travel Business when you're on the go.

Tip For Travel Professionals: Remember to serve, not transact.
Tip For Travel Professionals: Remember to serve, not transact.
Our Co-founder and CEO Ryan McElroy speaks on the most important thing to remember as a Travel Professional. Remembering to serve your customers and help them achieve their travel dreams rather than just completing a transaction.

Who's behind Travel Agency Tribes anyway?
Hey there, You might have not heard from us in a while, so I thought today I'd pull aside the kimono. So who are we? Why are we here? And what do we do? The WhoA pretty diverse bunch of people, Ryan McElroy and Ericson Smith met to startup the company in 2010, but it took us a year to...

As in, distributing the content you already creating into multiple online and offline channels.

SEO for Travel Agencies
Ignore all the emails from SEO firms, if you followed the instructions so far, you’re 95% of the way there.

Why is This Important?
Most potential travelers - business or leisure - are now looking for travel services online. How will you be found? How can you build trust and become their go-to person for that next trip?

Hiring Help
''If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together'' - African proverb

Tools we Recommend
Free and Paid tools every travel agency should be using already.

Pull Them in With Content
"If you don’t put it online, then it really doesn’t exist" - Derek Sivers

Call to Action
Don’t forget to ask. But you have to give first.

Generating Leads
Brochure websites merely show information, but never provide a way to capture intent. Does your site do that?

Following Up
The chances of closing a lead increase by over 85% when you follow up at least 12 times with the customer - IBM

Talk About Yourself
Here’s how to self-promote without being a shameless self-promoter.

''The money is in the list'' - Online business proverb

Update it Frequently
Most people look at their website as an afterthought. No wonder we see so many brochureware and forgotten websites.Search engines like Google rank your website better when its updated often.This means continually adding new destinations, new blogs, testimonials and updating agent profiles.But what’s a good update frequency?Best - DailyGood - WeeklyPoor - MonthlyYou’re begging for trouble - every 6 monthsThink...