Social Media for Travel Agencies

Is your travel agency finding new clients on social media?

Even if your agency has a social media, it may not be having the type of impression or impact you would like it to have. Understanding how to get engagement within your social presence is important. The last thing you would want is for the work you put into your social media to barely gain traffic.

Authenticity, and visibility is essential for every travel agency. Creating the right kind of posts and frequency in Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter helps increase engagement and creates a stronger impression for your business.

When your travel agency uses the Travel Agency Tribes methodology for social media marketing, your agency will get the benefits of increased activity both on your website and allow you and your agency to be considered an expert in the destinations and travel planning services you provide. Let your social media do the talking!

Of course, you don’t even really need an amazing instagram to run a business, but it certainly will be harder to spread the word without it effectively conveying the message of your business. With social media comes popularity. Imagine your agency being overthrown by an inferior one just because it has a grander outreach.

If you’re unsure if your social media is being managed properly, here are ways to check:

Do your followers and comments align with what your business is, or are they random?

Is your agency hard to find when searching for it on a social platform?

Is your social media engagement completely different from what actually comes to your site?

When recommending your business, do you hesitate to mention your presence in social media?

Are all the posts in your social media channel about travel or do they include photos of your dogs and cats?

If you're hoping for a better outreach for your business, Travel Agency Tribes can help create and manage your business’s social brand efficiently, allowing you to feel more confident about your online presence.

Travel Agency Tribes has been effectively dealing with the struggles of managing an agency's social media brand. We have dealt with hundreds of travel agencies when it comes to social media marketing throughout the United States and Canada since 2012. Over the years, Travel Agency Tribes has mastered the concept of how to effectively attract the right audience on social media for you.

Start to actually get leads from social media. Know that your social media channels are being updated every day. Confidently tell people to visit you on social media knowing that they will eventually find their way back to your website.

With a consultation, you’ll learn about the 360-degree marketing that involves email, social media, website, and lead generation that your travel agency will benefit from. And there are no long term contracts - you can end your service at any time if you’re not satisfied. But if there’s any indication from satisfied customers over many years -- you will be very happy.