Google Advertising for Travel Agencies

Google Advertising for Travel Agencies

Are your Google PPC ads working?

If your travel agency is running Google ads, unless you’re using the right keywords with the right copy and the exact targeting, you’re going to lose a lot of money. And if you don’t have performant landing pages that are tailored to convert, you run the risk of wasting money on irrelevant clicks to your site.

With Google owning more than 70% of the search engine market share, having the right advertising strategy is critical.

By using correct keywords, ad copy, time & date targeting and then creating matching landing pages, Travel Agency Tribes makes sure that you maximize the performance of your ads within your budget. Knowing the ins and outs of how to fully utilize your Google Ads, you will get valuable new leads for your website.

Fifty percent of the problem with advertising is having a landing page that converts. Even if you have stacks of cash ready to throw into advertising, if your landing page is not high quality and doesn’t match what you have in your advertisement, you will be wasting money.

Here are ways to see if your Google Ads work:

Are people taking action on your site after they click on your ads?

Do you have a custom landing page for each keyword group?

Are you just sending customers to your home page?

Do you have a good click-through rate? (Impressions/clicks= CTR)

Do your ad clicks actually follow up to leads?

You deserve to be making the best return possible on your advertising budget. Using Travel Agency Tribes depth of knowledge on how to maximize your google ads, you will begin to see the clicks turn into sales.

Travel Agency Tribes has been helping over a thousand travel agencies just like yours with marketing across the United States and Canada since 2012. Have your ad campaign work beyond your odds, expanding your agency’s lead generation.

Take you and your agency’s time back into big-picture tasks, while gaining more leads and sales through efficient Google advertising.

With a Google advertising consultation, you’ll learn about the 360-degree marketing that involves email, social media, website, and lead generation that your travel agency will benefit from. And there are no long term contracts - you can end your service at any time if you’re not satisfied. But if there’s any indication from satisfied customers over many years -- you will be very happy.