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Travel Giveaway Ideas for Your Newsletter
Newsletters are usually meant to inform and educate your customers!

Are you using newsletters in your travel agency email campaigns? If you are not, then you are ignoring a goldmine. Newsletters are usually meant to inform and educate your customers. Since you will not use the newsletter to sell anything, it is almost always welcomed by your customers.

The fact that people do not view newsletters as salesy copies make them a lead magnet. One of the ways you can use them to attract new customers is through giveaways. Below we have compiled giveaway ideas for your newsletters.

Just In Giveaways

If you have any new destinations, discounted hotel rates, off-peak rates etc., share them at the end of your newsletter. Alternatively, you can create a special newsletter to inform both your old and potential customers of their availability.

Weekly Deals and Alerts

As a travel agent, you will do much better if you establish a weekly newsletter that offers your customers “weekly” deals and alerts. Customers will always be on the lookout for what’s new.

Ground Transportation Alerts

If your niche involves booking your customers overseas, research the most cost efficient mode of transport at the destination. Once you have established a reliable ground transportation supplier, negotiate on behalf of your customers and prepare a newsletter alert to let them know.

The “Most Shared” Content of the Week

If there is some piece of content that has been doing rounds that you think is useful to your customers, prepare a newsletter just for this. Make sure you give credit to the owner of the content.

The Destination of the Week

This is another type of giveaway that you can prepare a weekly newsletter for. The newsletter should include nice pictures of the destination, local attractions, and experiences, and money saving tips during the visit to the destination.

Travel Essentials and Upgrades

Once a month, you can prepare a special giveaway that includes tips, photos, and guides to help your customers have a more enjoyable experience during their travel. You can also offer insights into the emerging technologies that help the travelers to take up tasks such as booking flights, tracking expenses, finding attractions etc.

Daily Prizes

These daily prizes maybe things such as free consultations for customers who call first, free movie tickets for customers who subscribe to your newsletter etc.

Gifts to Be Won

You can create a newsletter that informs your customers of a contest and gifts to be won.

Free Entry Concerts

Research your travel destinations and create a newsletter informing your customers all the available free concerts. If you help your customers save money, they are most likely to use your services during their next trip.

Contests Entry and their Deadline

Create a newsletter informing your customers about the available contests, the entry requirements, and their deadlines. Most cruise ship companies run contests just before they set sail. Your customers can enter the contests and maybe have free access to the cruise ship’s restaurant.

New Destination Discounts

Are there new destinations that you have started booking and they are offering discounts to increase bookings? Make sure you create a newsletter to inform your clients.

Themed Gift Cards during Season Holidays

Get a designer to create gift cards for your customers during seasons such as Thanksgiving, Valentines, and Christmas. Before you send out the cards as an attachment to your newsletter, make sure they bear the name of your customer.

Free Travel EBook

In your regular weekly newsletter, create a title around an eBook that you have written previously and give it out for free to your customers.

Promotion of Competitor’s Products

One of the best ways to expand your customer reach is to ask people in your niche if you can promote their products on your newsletter for free in exchange for free traffic from their website.

Free Tickets

You can promote your weekly newsletter with free tickets for places such as restaurants, museums, spas, nightclubs etc.

Fun Experiences in an Area

Create a special newsletter with a comprehensive list of the fun experiences to be had in a destination and then give it as a handout to all your customers.

Feature Cover Photo

For loyal customers who also spend a lot of money buying your services, you can recognize them with a cover photo on your travel magazine. Make sure you have their permission.

VIP Treatment

For big spenders, you can create a special newsletter informing them about all the VIP services at their preferred destinations.

Special Event Invites

Invite your loyal customers to special events and pay for their tickets. Ensure that this is prominently displayed in your newsletter so that all the people that get to read the newsletter know there are benefits to using your services.

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