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How to Deal with Difficult Travel Customers and Questions
How do you wiggle out of difficult situations when you are handling your travel customers?
Client: I found a cheaper deal online, so I am cancelling.
You: Well, we are sorry to see you go. Just make sure you read the fine print to ensure you are not getting a raw deal.
Client: I want to fly to the Caribbean on holiday tomorrow, and I have a budget of $2,000. Can you make it happen?
You: Thanks for your enquiries. The Caribbean maybe tricky with that budget, but we sure can get you an equally idyllic destination. Give us a few days to research the available options and we’ll get back to you.
Client: Can you just send me the quote? Go ahead and make a booking. I’ll come and make full payments tomorrow.
You: Thank you for your business sir. Unfortunately, we are unable to make a booking without your full commitment. Once you have deposited your money into our accounts, we will make the booking for you.
Client: I know you spent several hours researching the destination for me…I’m sorry. Your rates are just too high.
You: We have researched several destinations for you. Before you let us go, would you mind going through our itinerary so that we can explain why the rates are high?
Client: I was denied boarding. I didn’t realize I needed a visa. You sent me the quote, but I found a cheaper travel agent, and now, I really need your help…
You: We are so sorry about that. Kindly call the agent who assisted you with the booking and explain the situation to him.
Client: You were charging $6 more than the online deal. So I went ahead and bought the package online. I did not realize they were going to put me in this crappy hotel. I demand a refund!
You: We are so sorry about that Sir/Maam. Unfortunately, you can only ask for a refund from your booking agent.
Client: Please book me in that hotel from 25th May to 25th July.
Hours later after you have booked…
“Er…you need to cancel that booking I ordered earlier. I didn’t check my diary. My sister has a wedding during that period. Sorry!”
You: Of course we’ll cancel it. Kindly note that there will be charges for the cancellation.
Client: You would never guess this…remember that quote you sent me earlier? I have found a deal online that is $300 cheaper. Here’s the itinerary…go ahead and price-match and send me a cheaper offer.
You: It sure is cheaper, but there is a reason. Their itinerary has 2 overnights and a stopover.
Client: I am practically going from point A to point B…it’s basically the same so you can price-match…
You: True, but you also have to factor in things such as comfort, layovers and airline fares.
Client: I have just booked a trip around the world myself online.
You: After a review of your itinerary, I am sure I can save you a lot of money.
Client: Hi? Why is the plane stopping in Dubai? I thought I had a direct flight to New Zealand!
You: The delay is minor sir. The plane stops for only a few minutes to refuel.
Client: I need a 50% refund. There is a big scratch on my hotel’s cabinet. The ugly mark has ruined my whole vacation.
You: We are sorry about that. We’ll call the hotel to see about some repairs.
Client: I need a 50% refund on my Asian tour. There were monkeys everywhere.
You: We are sorry to hear that you don’t like monkeys, but just think about it. Aren’t they cute?
Client: Hi? I have hired a car and I need to return it later. Would you mind calling the car company? Oops. I realize it’s late there. Have I just woken you up? Sorry. Just call the car company and leave the rest to me.
You: You have the car company number?
Client: Here it is…And no, I am not calling them myself. You are my travel agent!
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