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What’s in Your Travel Agency’s Business Name?
Your business name will be the foundation of every business decision you will make. Although you can change your travel agency’s name, it will probably last forever whether your agency is a going concern or not.

Your travel agency business name is your best marketing tool. Selecting the right name is the most important thing that you will ever have to do for your travel agency.

Your business name will be the foundation of every business decision you will make. Although you can change your travel agency’s name, it will probably last forever whether your agency is a going concern or not.

So what happens if you have already chosen a name? Well, you will have to ask yourself a few questions regarding the name.

Does Your Travel Agency’s Name Introduce Your Unique Value Proposition (UVP)?

Your unique value proposition is what your business does best. Your travel agency’s name should communicate the biggest draw to your business. Below are some of the UVP’s you can use.

  • Knowledge – Is your biggest selling point the knowledge of a certain travel product or destination? Does your agency’s name communicate this UVP to your customers without them struggling to understand what the name is all about?
  • Experience – Have you been in a certain travel niche for so long that you are considered an expert? How does your business name tell the customers that indeed you are the expert in that niche?
  • Geographical Location – Are you so uniquely located such that your competitors cannot offer better access to a certain destination? Are you telling your potential customers as much using your business name?
  • Service – Although quality service is where travel agencies compete with each other, you can still innovate around the service to offer a unique value proposition. Make sure that your customers know about your excellent service.

Is Your Business Name Short and Easy to Remember?

People who travel see themselves as worldly and urbane. They want to be associated with a travel brand that is easily recognized or one that gives positive feelings.

Caution: Do not compromise your travel agency’s value proposition just to make your business name sound hip.

Is Your Business Name Easy to Pronounce and Spell?

Sometimes, travel agents are tempted to use catchy names that can be pronounced differently. Your travel agency’s business name is your brand name. Make it easy to remember and pronounce.

Sometimes, your business name also becomes the domain name. It is thus also used for the emails and other branding campaigns. You don’t want emails sent by customers to your staff failing to deliver or getting sent to the wrong people.

Note: The easier it is to spell your business name, the easier it is for your potential customers to remember you and find you on the internet.

Does Your Business Name Shout Why You Are Different?

With the stiff competition in the travel industry, your business name must show why you are different.

Is Your Business Name a Typical Travel Cliché?

Avoid names such as Cruises & Tours, Travel & Tours – these are just too cliché. Get creative.

Is Your Business Name Offensive?

In a world that is yet to overcome sectarianism, you want a business name that cannot offend people based on their sexual orientation, religion, political affiliation, race, gender etc. Keep off controversial business names!

Does Your Business Name Allow Room for Scalability?

You will probably start off your travel agency in a pre-selected niche such as cruises. Your business may grow and start offering services in other niches such as safari, beach etc. Will your business name accommodate such growth?

Is the Business Name Available for Domain and Incorporation?

You want a business name that you can register as a domain name and one that is available for incorporation. Having a business name that is different from your domain name is confusing to your customers.

Pro Tip: Check the available domain names and buy those. Your domain name should never be an afterthought.

Do You Love the Business Name? Are You Proud of It?

You will be sorely responsible for the growth of your travel agency. You must be proud of declaring yourself the owner of travel agency “xyz” to your friends and business competitors. This will give you the motivation to work harder so that the brand associated with you is seen as successful.

If after asking yourself the above questions you come to the conclusion that you need to change your travel agency’s business name, allow us to interrogate your decision. Our consultants may help you fine tune what you already have, and a name change may not be necessary after all. Click here to talk to consultants.

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