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Newsletter Ideas for Travel Agencies
Allow us to give you ideas on what to put in your newsletter

Are you at your wit's end wondering what you will put down in your next newsletter to help you get more customers? Allow us to give you some suggestions. All of us need help once in a while.

But before we do that, let us point out some common mistakes travel agents make on their e-newsletters.

Concentrating on niche specific content

  • If you are paying more attention to your niche as opposed to general travel topics, you might be locking out potential leads in other niches.
  • Nobody wants to hear about their niche all the time. It gets boring.
  • The moment a potential subscriber sees content that does not address their needs, they move on.
  • Make sure 80% of your content is general and between 10% and 20% specific to your niche.
  • General content converts better and keeps people on your email list longer.

Failure to put a compelling call to action (CTA)

You will need to pitch for either the content in your newsletter or for your business. The best way to go about this is to either embed the CTA within your content or have it at the end of the content. All the newsletters you send must have a CTA that creates some form of engagement between you and your customers.

Irregular Posting of Newsletter

Once you have an emailing list, you should create a regular schedule of sending out the newsletter. Sometimes, you will be very busy managing your business that you won’t have time to research, write a copy, and edit. You can hire cheap and talented copywriting services on platforms such as

Now here are the ideas;

  • Comprehensive packing checklist.
  • How to take awesome photos using smartphones when on vacation.
  • The newest and most useful travel apps.
  • How to clear security at the airports faster.
  • Best travel insurance companies.
  • Top 5 lists e.g. Top 5 destinations that should be on everybody’s bucket list, Top 5 beach wedding destinations, and Top 5 Michelin-starred restaurants in L.A etc.
  • UNESCO World Heritage Sites series. You can even group these into religious sites, historical sites, world wonders and then in each newsletter, you can give comprehensive booking, itinerary, and ways to save money when visiting the site.
  • A review of the newest resorts in the destinations you book.
  • Top 5 reasons why shouldn’t use a travel agent (here, you will need to point out what is wrong with using travel agents, and show them how you are different).

Don’t have the time to do all these? How about letting us do it for you? Click below to consult with our expert.

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