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Things That Put-Off Prospective Customers
Which are those small things that you ignore but are responsible for losing your Travel Customers?
ow that you know how to change a lead into a paying customer, let’s look at the things that lose you, potential customers, even before they spend their money on your product.
Inability to Answer Questions – Be prepared to answer all questions about your products and business. If there is something you cannot deliver, say as much.
Inability to Say No Politely – Don’t beat around the bush. If what the customer is asking is not possible, don’t waste his 3 minutes trying to make them like you. Leads almost always appreciate your honesty.
Slow Computer or Unresponsive Internet – Never try to explain away your internet or computer problems. It gives off a picture of lack of professionalism. Rather, sort out your equipment problems before you start communicating with the customer.
Opinionated Salesman – Whatever political, racial, religious or sexual biases you may have, keep them off your interactions with a lead.
Asking Personal Details – Try as much as possible to keep off personal details such as marital status, sexual orientation, bank passcodes etc. Instead, encourage the customer to give them to you in a subtle way.
Poor Grooming – If you are a travel consultant, then your customers expect that you are urbane and schooled in the ways of the world. Whenever you go out to meet a potential customer, go out looking like you own the world. “There’s no nobility in poverty or looking poor!”
Too Pushy – Did you hate the elementary school bully? A salesman who is too pushy almost always gets the same reaction as the school bully. If a person is already your lead, it means that there is something they like about your business. Try to establish what they like exactly and rope in your sale.
Too Soft – If you are not making the customer aware that you have a product to sell, then you are not closing enough of your leads. Lack of assertiveness in your conversation with the lead shows that you are also not confident of your product.
Lack of Eye Contact – It shows confidence.
Overpromising – Don’t ever over promise a customer only for you to give excuses when you cannot deliver on the promise.
Keeping them Waiting – If you promised to call or write them, do so in time. No excuse.
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