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How To Establish Yourself as an Authority in Your Travel Niche Using Content
Becoming an authority in your travel niche is the fastest way to get above the noise and reach your customers.

Have you been struggling to get your message heard in a world where there is an information overload? Tell you what; traditional SEO is dead. The social media is constantly growing and for travel agents, it is fair to say that it is overcrowded.

Becoming an authority in your travel niche is the fastest way to get above the noise and reach your customers. Creating content that showcases your knowledge of the niche will keep you ahead of competition no matter how much they try to outcompete you on price.

Below a creative ways in which you can customize your content to establish your authority in your travel niche.

Establish Your Expert Status

According to Tim Ferriss, you can establish your credibility indicators by;

  • Joining travel agency organizations. You can start by joining our Travel Agency Tribes here. We’ve got a thing or two that we can share to make you an expert in your niche.
  • Get the top 5 selling books in your niche and read them.
  • Give free webinars to all the people on your email list about your niche and/or destination.
  • Offer to write – for free – for the top two magazines and/or websites that have established names in your travel niche.
  • Establish a network – maybe on social media – of the top professionals in your niche. Ensure you have not less than 5 influencers following you.

Create a Blog that Adds Value

Once you have a blog, the best way to go about creating wonderful content is not researching hundreds of pages on Google. Rather, go to YouTube, and search for channels in your niche. Watch videos that have over 100,000 views. There is a reason they have so many views. There, you get the insights on what to put into your blog. In short, ensure your content answers questions.

Get Link Backs to Your Blog

Once you have done some really good content, get link backs from authority sites and search engines will eventually start viewing you as an authority too.

Publish an EBook in Your Niche

Spend some serious time researching your niche. Then write a nice 10,000 word eBook in your travel niche/destination. Ensure that the information on the eBook is accurate and share worthy. You can then invite people to download your eBook for free. Encourage them to share the content. Soon enough, you will be an established brand in your niche.

Show Empathy

Nothing connects with customers better than a travel agent who shares content that solves their problems. To create content that shows empathy;

  • Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. What problem would you want solved?
  • Spend time with your customers online. A simple interaction may give you the best insights to put in your content
  • Sometimes, no-strings-attached solutions to a problem works wonders. You don’t have to always create salesy content.
  • What are the most common problems mentioned by the customers in your niche? Create content around that.
  • Don’t give utopian content. Provide actionable, result oriented content to help your readers resolve their problems quickly.

Find Epic Topics

The trick is to look for a topic in your niche that has not been covered by anyone in-depth. Once you have this content, you need to promote it using influencer outreach, sharing websites, social media, cold outreach etc.

Know the Industry Top Players

Find ways to know and talk to all the players in your travel niche. It will be for your own good if you don’t fake it. If you are small, don’t pretend to be big. A big brand will be persuaded to share your content and make you a household name if you have great content.

Never Declare Yourself an Expert

Becoming an expert is a creation of others and NEVER something you self-promote. Instead, reach out to those that are considered experts in your niche and ask for their opinions and feedback. Take their input in stride and produce better content and soon enough, you will get there. True expertise can never be faked. Just walk the talk.

In Summary;

  • Focus on your niche
  • Give real value
  • Share your content on the right channels
  • Build networks with other experts and influencers
  • Engage your readers
  • Learn consistently how to write better content
  • Create a YouTube channel
  • Create in-depth NOT wide content
  • Pick prime topics e.g. industry updates and go in-depth
  • Long form content comes off as more resourceful (approximately 2,000 words)
  • Guest post on authority sites
  • Controversy sells, but it is wise not to antagonize your potential customers

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