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21 Really Creative Ways To Make and Save Money For your Dream Trip
We’ll give you some very creative tips on how to make money which you can save for your trip. With this list, you can start to tick away all those destinations on your bucket list one by one.

Most travel advisers have very good things to say about their destinations. Unfortunately, to visit these destinations you need money - a lot of money. None of the travel advisors tell you how you will make that money. Well, NOT US. We’ll give you some very creative tips on how to make money which you can save for your trip. With this list, you can start to tick away all those destinations on your bucket list one by one. Take a look below.

1. Get rid of your expensive habits

If you can cut 50% of these habits, you will have enough money to do anything you want. Drink less coffee, smoke fewer cigarettes, drink cheaper liquor, try to prepare your own meal, avoid expensive nightclubs and seek alternative ways to have fun etc.

2. Get an app to track your daily expenses

You can either download a budget app or you can open a Google Sheet to help you to track every dollar you spend. Examples of the apps you can use include; Trail Wallet, TrabeePocket, and Concur. Think it is a lot of work? Well, it won’t be when you have enough money left to visit one more sight at your preferred destination.

3. Use coupons and promo codes to do your pre-travel shopping

No, you are not being cheap. You are being smart by stretching your money so that you can have enough to use in the really important stuff. Among the best places to find coupons and promo codes are,, and

4. Sign-up for newsletters

Here, you will be targeting travel suppliers such as airlines, hotels, resorts, and travel agents. Most travel suppliers always notify their subscribers when there is an offer. A good trick is to create an email for all your newsletter subscriptions.

5. Unplug all your devices during your absence

Imagine how much saving you will make on utility bills if all your devices are offline when you are not using the house? Buy an extension plug and connect all your devices to it so that with one flip, you can switch off all your appliances.

Warning: leave the alarm on!

6. Change your cellphone plan

You do not need 1200 minutes a month. Try to use internet tools such as Skype, Whatsapp, and Facebook to chat with your friends. They are almost always online anyway. Downgrade your cellphone plan and use a Pay As You Go plan.

7. Cancel your Memberships

Are you going on a long trip? Cancel your gym membership, your country club membership and all those other places that you will not be going while on the trip.

8. Pick up some freelance work

If you are planning to travel on a budget, you can pick small gigs such as teaching English to supplement your travelling budget.

9. Don’t buy books!

Almost any book worth reading is available online. Unless you have a problem staring at a screen for long, you will save a lot of money just downloading the book into your laptop or smartphone.

10. Sell your old clothes on eBay

Why do you keep making room for clothes that you no longer wear? You are better off selling them and putting this money in a checking account so that you can use it during your vacation. Even better, why don’t you sell off everything that you can live without?

11. Find a cheaper apartment

Are you paying for an apartment that is way too expensive? Perhaps you need to downgrade and use the savings to go on that trip that you have postponed for so long.

12. Get rid of your car and buy a bicycle

By selling your car, you will no longer have to buy gas, pay insurance, parking, pay for the car servicing and cleaning. If you can walk or use public transport or Uber, then you dont need the car! Use the savings to travel the world.

13. Wait for the movie on Netflix

You do not need to go see the movie in the theater. All you need is to wait a little bit longer for it come out on Netflix.

14. Rent out your spare bedroom

Why have a bedroom that you are not using empty? Rent it out to a relative…alternatively, you can list it on AirBnb and earn some money from it. Put this money in your travel account.

15. The $5 Jar

Every time you have a small denomination note in your pockets, you get the urge to buy snacks. Why not get a jar where you stuff the bills? Soon enough, they will accumulate and give you a little more spending power during your next trip.

16. Got a raise? Save it

If you recently got a raise, don’t include it in your budget. Save it for your next trip.

17. Limit your utility bills

You do this by spending five minutes or less in the shower, sun drying your clothes, never draining your water heater, turn off your automatic sprinklers during the rainy season, getting rid of frozen food because you have to use the microwave on them, cancelling your cable subscription and using Netflix etc.

18. Start an eBay/Shopify business

You can start selling stuff online. You can source things from cheap manufacturers on Alibaba and AliExpress, brand them and then dropship them at a profit to customers in the West.

19. Offer to babysit

There are hundreds of parents in your neighborhood who would want some free time and are looking for a responsible adult to take care of their kids for a few hours. If you are the kind of person who adores children, you will make a lot of money taking care of other people’s kids.

20. Volunteer on cruise ship

Cruise ships are always looking for people to do tasks such as cooking, serving, entertaining etc. Research and understand what’s on offer on a cruise ship. You’ll get to visit all the destinations that the cruise ship docks without spending a penny.

Have a creative way to make or save money on your next trip? Don’t hesitate to share with us on the consultation button below.

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