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A Different Perspective on User Experience on Travel Websites
Giving the users the relevant information at the right buying cycle is just but the first step. Your travel customers have to feel you are paying attention to their needs.

hen it comes to the user experience on your website, favorable is not acceptable. You should aim for excellence. The only way to achieve this is by offering an intuitive guide through the buyers’ journey.

Giving the users the relevant information at the right buying cycle is just but the first step. Your travel customers have to feel you are paying attention to their needs. Your information should be fluid and personalized.

Humans engage with each other and their environment through; touch, sight, sound, balance, taste, smell, pain, love and happiness, kinesthetic, vibration, curiosity, time, temperature and natural elements (Oxygen, carbon dioxide, and PH).

In order to be able to capture the imagination of your travel website visitors, talk to these primordial senses and you can never go wrong.

Become the Steve Jobs of Travel

How did Steve Jobs turn Apple Inc. into the greatest tech company? It is so easy that it is ingenious. He introduced;

  • A Touch Screen – To enhance the touch sensory connection to smartphones.
  • HD Cameras – To inspire the vision/sight component of the smartphone.
  • Microphone – To allow customers to talk to their phones.
  • Thermometer – To warn customers when the temperatures are bound to go south.

You get the picture…

Steve Jobs was getting primordial in the way he marketed his smartphones.

Supposing you used the same strategy to improve your website. How would you do it?

The Basics of User Engagement

If your website is not already optimized for both the desktop and mobile, then you are living in the past.

Although you will use technology to interact with users, make sure you talk to their most base sensory instincts.


Your website should be easy to navigate using touch functionalities. The average traveler will scroll through tens of websites before they settle on a product. Hire the best content marketers to organize and customize your content into the ultimate buyer guide cycle.


Make your content beautiful and easy to read. If you are talking about the Caribbean, have idyllic pictures of your destination to go along with the text. You can create 1 minute videos describing the destination. Do not overpopulate your content with images and videos…they take long to load.


Before a customer settles on a destination you are selling, they will already have heard about it. Prop your content around well-researched facts and figures that capture the reader’s imagination. Ensure you guide the customer quickly to the buying section before they veer off to your competitor’s website.

Try to include nice music or descriptive videos about the destination. Before you publish the content, ensure it is loading properly.


Do not waste your customer’s time. If you don’t have something worthy of sharing, then don’t share it. Fluff or worthless content increases your bounce rate which is bad for your SEO efforts.


Thought provoking content always leads to content shares and repeat visits. Make the traveler think about the destination and what it holds for him/her. Make them feel like sharing a secret they have just discovered about their preferred destination.

Love and Happiness

Everybody loves the happily-ever-after Cinderella story. Weave your content towards making your customers happy. A dose of positive energy keep customers on your page.


Curiosity is aroused through novelty, complexity, surprise, and uncertainty. Create content with researched specifics about a destination, leaving some of the juicy parts for the customers to find if they buy the trip from you.

Natural Elements

Everybody is keen to see the towering Mt. Everest, the amazing Barrier Reef, the impenetrable Amazon or the dangerous African Savannah. Just ensure that your content excites the reader to go visit these destinations.

Humans are complicated, but they have some base senses that are very easy to excite to keep your website’s user experience thrilling. You can expand on our list above or you can let our travel consultants come up with a base senses list that is suitable for your travel agency. Click here to contact us.

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