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How to Creatively Sell Your Travel Agency Products
Customers’ feedback will help shape your new action plans and business ideas in order to serve them better.

#1 Understand the Value Proposition of Your Travel Services or Products

Once you know why customers want to buy your travel products or services, you need to creatively highlight the benefits to them.

You also need to differentiate your products from your competitors’. Always ask the customers what they think you should do differently because it makes them feel that they are the reason your travel agency exists.

Customers’ feedback will help shape your new action plans and business ideas in order to serve them better.

#2 Build Communities

You can utilize the social media networks to build communities where your customers can share their travel preferences and experiences. Make it easy for them to update their statuses and upload videos and images.

A thriving online community helps you pick up customer sentiments from their comments, testimonials and feedback about your services or products.

#3 Use Complementary Offers

A complementary offer adds value to your travel offer by enhancing your customer’s experience. If for example, your main product is ‘a cruise to the Caribbean’, you can add complimentary wine for the couple that’s out to have a romantic vacation. This increases your revenue per customer because you are making their vacation experiences better.

#4 Compound Your Travel Products

If you can sell the hotel, the flight and ground transportation as a package and offer a better rate than your competitors, do it. Compounding your travel offering gives you an edge because travel suppliers are more likely to give you big discounts for helping them sell more.

It also saves your customers the hustle of buying services from many travel agents.

#5 Find Your Niche Market

Getting a niche means finding a service or product that no one else is selling or one that is highly differentiated from the one being offered by your competitors. It may include specializing in a certain demographic area, destination, type of travel, flight options etc.

#6 Use Software

Integrate your services such as online booking, customer care policy, and customers’ documents handling services with travel software. The software gives your customers access to your services 24/7. It also makes it easy and safe to interact with them.

#7 Establish a Big B2B Network

Your business partners will help you reach new customers and markets. Regular networking sessions with established travel agency owners help you get new insights about creating new revenue streams

#8 Have the Best Possible Rates

To get the best rates, you will need to integrate your software with 3rd party Global Distribution System to be able to compare your rates with your competitors’.

What’s Slowing Down Your Sales?

You may get all the above strategies right, but if you don’t take care of the following small hindrances to a successful sales campaign, you will still fail. Take a look below;

  • Failure to make a follow-up to customer enquiries.
  • Getting bad feedback and reviews on your social media forums.
  • Failing to highlight your references, testimonials, and endorsements from the customers that you have already served.
  • Promising to get back to a prospect and failing to do so after the first communication.
  • Poor, unprofessional and inaccurate marketing materials such as emails and brochures.
  • Phone going unanswered when the customers make the inquiry call.
  • Front end sales team that doesn’t comprehend the native language of the customers.
  • Delayed response to email inquiries.
  • Failure to brainstorm on new marketing campaign ideas.
  • Failure to prepare for or maximize for the off peak seasons.
  • Failure to mark out the sales pitches that give you wins and the ones that give you losses.
  • Regular senior management shake-ups.
  • Unrealistic sales forecast.
  • Hiring the wrong sales team.
  • Ignoring what the competition is doing to succeed or outcompete you.
  • Outdated sales personnel training material.
  • Poor sales pipeline management.
  • Poor sales performance tolerance by the sales managers.
  • Failure to use modern tools to analyze sales reports.
  • Inconsistent leads generation.
  • Low online visibility.
  • Failure to challenge your sales team with new but realistic sales quota.
  • Chasing unqualified leads that are not interested in your travel product(s).

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