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So if content is king, how do I create it?
I get asked this question quite often, and the truth is, you've most likely been creating content all along. You've probably been storing your content all over, and they are in different formats.

All the different trips you spent hours creating, with customized itineraries for specific travel purposes like family vacations, honeymoons, or solo adventures. No matter the type of itinerary, you've been working on them and that's content. Your content has just been sitting there, underutilized, and now is the time to put them all together and make use of them.

Get them on your website so your customers can see the work that you can do and the types of vacations or itineraries you can put together. Sometimes these itineraries that you have stowed away can be the products that your customers have been looking for because your content isn't what everyone else has been putting out there as offers.

Your unique content can also bolster your SEO. Google loves unique content, and if what you have on your website is different from what your competition has on their website/produces then Google will list your website above all the others.

Get creative with your content. Now is the time to revisit these itineraries that you have stowed away, and publish them online so your customers can know what you have in store for them. Do this, and Google will begin to recognize your unique content and move your website up on their list of search results of agencies that cater to the special itineraries that you have been creating.

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