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When you know what you to achieve by using social media, you make better use of social media marketing.
I talk about using social media and the best strategies that work for each platform a lot. It's a subject that always comes up no matter where I am or who I'm in dialogue with.

Before I dive into these conversations, I ask about the outcome the individual I am speaking with is expecting. I ask questions because I need to know if they are looking for brand engagement or client acquisition. Or if social media will be a tool that helps people searching for them or their agency find them easily. Or if they are only trying to use a platform because they heard about it and decided to join. Not knowing what you want to get out of using social media makes our job of getting you on the right path to success hard to do.

We recommend that before you start to use social media, ask yourself what you want to happen. 

The other mistake we noticed is not having a plan that includes different ways you will achieve your desired expectations with the use of social media. You set yourself up to fail by only focusing on creating content and getting things out there on every platform. Without getting feedback and engaging in real conversations with the people you want to follow and support you is how you miss out on useful information that propels your business.

You can fix things and refocus your social media use by addressing the two mistakes highlighted. Decide what you want to happen when you use social media and then start to gather information by having conversations and engaging with your audience. By not blindly focusing on your content, you can know what other users of these platforms want to see and what they appreciate. 

When you are equipped with this information and use it properly, you will not only see growth in the number of shares, likes, comments and followers/subscribers. The more important numbers will also grow. The results of your improved social media activities will be the increase in your bookings and client retention. People will flock to you and or your agency because they have connected with you via social media, and they want what they see you sharing regularly.

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