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7 Tips for Mastering Instagram for Travel Agency Business
Instagram is one of the best places to market your travel business. You will run a targeted campaign and spend a significantly lower amount of money on paid advertising using Instagram.

nstagram has in excess of 0.7 billion monthly active users. What’s more; there is less competition as a digital marketing platform compared to other social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter.

Instagram is, therefore, one of the best places to market your travel business. You will run a targeted campaign and spend a significantly lower amount of money on paid advertising using Instagram.

We have compiled some amazing tips to help you master Instagram for your travel business advertising. Take a look:

1. Instagram is Like Show Business: Glitz and Pomp Matters

Instead of concentrating on the travel products you sell, think of the problems you solve for your customers, then present the solutions with lots of razzmatazz.

Quality Images and Videos

Instagram feeds on visual content such as high quality images and one-minute videos. Most customers will be interested in how-to’s and tips, but before they buy from you, they will also want to establish if you deliver what you promise. This is best captured with one-minute videos of your company culture and mission.

Short videos of customer testimonials will also help you a lot. In order to truncate the length of a video, you can use free tools such as Clip Converter.

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories, a new feature that is being used to compete with Snapchat’s Stories, is one way you can give your customers the short how-tos and customer testimonials videos. Among the befits of Instagram Stories include;

  • The story you tell will appear at the top of the timeline of your followers, just below the Instagram log
  • The hashtags and story locations are more discoverable
  • It has tools like text, stickers and face filters to help you edit the images
  • It is easy to tag influencer accounts to spread your story to a larger audience
You can experiment with all type of content including GIF images, photos, and short videos

2. Your Profile Must Be ‘Millennial’: Hip is Captivating

Trying to create a winner’s profile in just 150 characters available on Instagram is a pointless endeavor. Rather, concentrate on making your profile look hip by customizing it around your main service. If your followers are interested, they will look for your company details elsewhere.

Frequently update your bio section and utilize the Instagram Business Profile Templates. Paid advertising wouldn’t hurt too.

3. Avoid Desperate Posting

Unless you are a brand like Kim Kardashian or NFL, users will not take it kindly when all you do is bombard them with updates. The best practice is to post once per day, especially during the time most of your followers are online.

4. Be Creative with Hashtags

When coming up with hashtags, two things are important – the community you want to engage and the brand you want to make the community aware of. If for example, you are reaching the ocean cruising community, you can use hashtags such as #CruisingDiscounts to reach them and get them curious about your discounted rates.

5. Follower Engagement

Anything you put out to your followers should encourage follower engagement. Likes, mentions, comments, tags, and shares will expand your audience to new customers who would otherwise be beyond your reach.

6. Collaborate

The essence of social media is to interact. If all you do is push your brand out there without promoting others, you are limiting the growth of your business. By mentioning other brands on your channel, you are bringing their followers to your channel. Research your competitors and mention them on your channel. Getting a bigger audience requires selflessness.

7. Work Your Followers Emotions

The best way to go about this is to build anticipation and exclusivity. Make your followers anticipate something big such as #AntarcticaVoyage. You can up the game by making the voyage exclusive to those who will pay before a certain date. You can then create a small video with spectacular scenes of the Antarctica penguins.

Once you have things rolling, it is always important to analyze the strategies that worked and improve them to make an even bigger impact. Tell you what; we have a team of highly trained consultants who can help you to make an amazing Instagram marketing campaign. Click here to contact them

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