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20 Things Every Traveler Absolutely Must Carry on Their Next Trip
Dear traveler, do you know what you must pack for your next trip? Let us give you some pointers.


  • Only pack what your hotel won’t offer.
  • Seek to get the US Trusted Traveler status. This allows you to walk past those long lines of security check. For just $100, you can get this status from the US Customs and Borders and bypass security in both US and Canada.
  • Use simple TSA-conforming bag and save yourself between $50 and $100 paid on checked baggage per trip.
  • Invest in a reusable water bottle with a filter and save yourself the money for water.
  • Airport kiosks are expensive. Do your shopping outside the airport unless it is absolutely important.
  • Invest in Starbucks Instant Coffee if you are addicted to caffeine. It saves you time and money at the Java Cafe.
  • You don’t need to pack 5 pairs of shoes for your trip. Two pairs of multipurpose shoes will leave room in your bag to pack other more important things for your trip.

The Must Carry List:

  1. Packing Cubes - You need to keep things organized and properly compartmentalized in your suitcase.
  2. Pain Killers e.g. Ibuprofen - You are bound to get headaches due to jetlag, sleeping while seated, long airport delays, hours on the bus/train, and altitude changes.
  3. Pen -You don't want to fumble around looking for a pen to fill in your immigration details at the airport counter. Confirmation numbers and hotel addresses also need to be jotted down quick.
  4. Notepad - You get a new travel partner or travel guide whose contacts you want to note down. Sometimes, you just get brilliant ideas and need to commit them to memory by jotting them down.
  5. Flash Drive - It should contain a soft copy of all your travel documents so that in case there is an emergency or the document got lost, you just need to hook it into your laptop or hotel computer and print out the document.
  6. Bottle Opener - You don't want to buy a bottle of wine only to find that your cheap hotel never stocks wines and thus things like bottle openers are not on the list of their cutlery.
  7. Band Aid - You will probably be doing a lot of walking during your trip. The moment you feel a blister forming put on the band aid. It sooths the skin and prevents the blister from worsening.
  8. A Large Turkish Bath Towel - It will not only be used for your bath but also as a blanket on those cold airport lobbies or overly air conditioned buses/trains.
  9. Plastic Bags - You can use plastic bags to store your wet clothes or muddy shoes in a larger bag especially while camping in tropical, rainy areas.
  10. Travel App - The most important apps are booking apps (e.g. HotelTonight), map apps (e.g. Citymapper) and language translation apps (e.g. Google Translate).
  11. Smartphone Battery Extender - You will obviously be using your phone to listen to music, research your destination, find local attractions etc. Ensure you carry a battery extender or a portable solar charger.
  12. Umbrella - You do not want to get caught up in the tropical rain or in the skin-burning midday sun especially if you are on a sightseeing trip.
  13. Converter - If you are travelling abroad a 4-in-1 adapter for all your electronics will be a great resource.
  14. Luggage Tracker - If you want to be comfortable and worry-free, perhaps this is something you should invest in. The best trackers in the market are Spy Tec STI_GL300 Mini and Dynotag IDKIT-070.
  15. Diarrhea/Laxative Medicines - If you are travelling to a foreign country, you are bound to eat some strange food. Some of these foods may not go down well with your tummy. A running stomach will ruin even the best trips.
  16. Frequent Flyer Card(s) & Loyalty Program Card Numbers - If you frequently fly, do not forget to carry these documents to redeem your miles. You will save money to visit more attractions at your destination.
  17. Emergency Contacts - Whether you are travelling alone or in a group, you need to always have with you a contact of someone who can be reached in case of an emergency.
  18. Transportation Tickets - You do not want to waste time queuing long lines to buy your plane, train, bus or car tickets. Buy your tickets well in advance.
  19. Money Belt - You probably are not into carrying money belts full of cash. If you have tried using hotel-provided safety lock, then you know that it is so much more hustle than carrying your cash with money belts.
  20. Foldable Reusable Bag - This bag will be packed to be used later when you need more space or when you are out shopping and can’t use your main suitcase/bag.

Any additional things that you think are necessary for a great trip? Feel free to share with us. Are you a travel planner or travel agent? Feel free to contact our experts at Travel Agency Tribes for more consultation.

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