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Understanding the Newsletter Report and System
The best way to tell if your email/newsletter strategy is working for you is by checking your open rate. Your open rate provides the percentage by which your audience opens the emails/newsletters you send to them. It also helps to determine how active your email/newsletter subject line is. A good subject line is never a standard one. What works for this edition is not guaranteed to work for the next.

ow good are your numbers

In the travel industry, the average open rate is 19.11%, with a click rate of 6.42% and an unsubscribe rate of 0.16%. Research shows that the highest open rate comes from emails related to hobbies. Emails about hobbies also have the highest click rate recorded at 4.78%.

What rates to pay attention to

Email/newsletter open rates vary across the different industries that utilize mass email/newsletter sending.
According to the recent findings of popular mass email/newsletter sending providers, the average open rate for all industries is 19.11%. Click-through-rate is the total subscribers who have clicked on a link or an image in your email/newsletter. Because your click-through rate is calculated using the larger of the total number of email/newsletters, that number is smaller in comparison to the click-to-open rate. Your click-to-open-rate is used
to tell how many of your total subscribers visit your website via your email/newsletter.

What about the subscribers lost?

A good way to address concerns about the unsubscribe rate is to remember that to lose some subscribers is normal and healthy. You can Also, try to engage your audience as often as possible and remember to send relevant content.

The reception of your newsletter is all dependent on one great thing; it all depends…
  • It all depends on many things:
  • The mood of your audience. How their day went/is going and their workload.
  • The time your audience chooses to and can open your email.
  • How often you repeat your first email/newsletter item, which in this case, is what becomes your email/newsletter subject. However, if this item is engaging you can repeat it, but it doesn't hurt to create different versions of it.
  • This point also addresses your open rate. Your open rate can be low even though you have many subscribers. Some emails/subscribers are likely to be inactive and choose not to engage with your email/newsletter, no matter how good it is.
Travel Agency Tribes pays attention to your numbers and will always work to improve them.

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