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Travel Client Mannerisms You Should Be Taking Advantage Of
If, for example, a client is becoming defensive, they will clench their fists, cross their arms, look down or have a blank face. A defensive travel client is hard to sell anything to.

In this guide, we have put together the most common client mannerisms and how to take advantage of the said mannerisms.

If, for example, a client is becoming defensive, they will clench their fists, cross their arms, look down or have a blank face. A defensive travel client is hard to sell anything to.

To disarm them, you’ll need to be more receptive by changing your tone, putting a calm smile on your face, eye contact and relaxed hands on your lap or on the table.

When you are just starting to learn how to read body cues, you should be very careful not to jump to conclusions. The first thing you need to do before you start selling a travel product to a client is to establish a baseline i.e. establish why the client would need your product.

Learning how to read client mannerisms and body language takes practice. The science of reading subtle signs in order to sell successfully takes a lot of patience, but once you learn it, you will become a travel agent extra-ordinaire.

Common Mannerisms


  • Placing hands on the hips
  • Pointing finger


  • Clasping hands behind the back
  • Locking ankles


  • Doodling
  • Drumming fingers on the table
  • Crossing legs or kicking foot
  • Resting the head on the palms
  • Staring Blankly


  • Folding arms across the chest
  • Looking down
  • Clenching hands
  • Turning the body away
  • Turning the palms down


  • Narrowing the eyes


  • Picking imaginary lint off the clothing


  • Fidgeting
  • Playing with hair, jewelry or smartphone


  • Breathing slowly
  • Clenching hands tightly
  • Wringing hands
  • Running hand through the hair
  • Rubbing the neck
  • Kicking at the ground


  • Pulling at the ear


  • Hand to face gesturing
  • Tilting head
  • Peering over the glasses
  • Putting hand on the bridge of the nose

Lying or Suspicion:

  • Clearing the throat
  • Coughing
  • Avoiding eye contact
  • Glancing sideways
  • Rubbing eyes


  • Leaning forward and uncrossing the legs
  • Relaxing the facial expression and smiling
  • Opening hands and palms


  • Touching the nose
  • Reducing the eye contact

Take Home Points:

Stand tall and sit upright when talking to a client – Your posture communicates your self-assuredness.

Stand legs wide apart – People who stand with legs too close together give off their timidity.

Never Raise Your Voice – People who shout look less powerful and lack empathy.

Prime yourself for power – Every time you face a challenge, always remember a past event when you overcame an obstacle. This gives you confidence that the current problem is also surmountable.

Hold steady your gaze – Eye contact, especially in the West, is seen as honesty. When talking to clients, maintain eye contact for at least 60% of the time.

Illustrate your point with hands – Gesturing helps you come up with better verbal content. It also reduces the tendency to resort to monologue.

Nervous Gestures are a no-no – Gestures such as drumming fingers on the desk, fiddling with your jewelry, twirling your hair etc. shows nervousness.

Smile – Humans are known to prefer happy faces. When you are talking to your customer, writing them an email or even preparing a YouTube video, keep smiling. The positive energy is going to show in your work.

Master Your Handshake – Men prefer firm, almost bone crushing grip. You will come off as a go getter. You cannot do this on women. A firm, yet caring handshake does wonders with women. Note: Nobody likes a limp “dead fish” handshake!

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