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How To Create the Best Email Subject Lines For Your Travel Agency's Email Marketing
Find a way to divide your email list according to what people love to read. Some people love general articles while others love to read niche-specific content.

Before people open your email, they will establish if they can trust the source and then they will look at the subject line. Nothing happens at all unless your cold email is opened and hence the importance of the subject line.

Below we have highlighted a few tricks you can use to creating an amazing subject line.

Only Use Proven Subject Lines

If a subject line has worked for other travel agencies, it is likely to work for you too. According to research, proven subject lines fall into four major categories namely;

  • Subject lines that arouse curiosity e.g. “7 Off-the-Beaten-Path Beach Destinations in the Caribbean”.
  • Subject lines that give the reader direct benefit e.g. “Three Secrets about Saving Money That Your Travel Agent Does Not Want You to Know”. You can also use “how to’s” e.g. “How to Visit Antarctica on a Budget”.
  • Subject lines that communicate urgency or scarcity e.g. “Grab This One-Off Deal to Visit the South of France at Half the Normal Rate”
  • Subject lines that offer the readers a proof of credibility or tangible results such as your ability to organize a dream vacation e.g. “Mom and Her Two Daughters Enjoy Our Norwegian Cruise Ship Package at a Bargain”

Use Prevailing Season

Always send the email with a subject line that captures the prevailing season. Outdated subject lines are immediately marked as spam or deleted.

Use a Name of an Influencer

Try using the name of an easily recognized influencer on your subject line.

I was wondering…

This makes the readers curious about what is in the email. “…” Usually means read on.

Use a Date

Example: “See What We Have Organized for Our Clients on February 14, 2018”. If you feel actual date is too much, you can use the season e.g. “What’s Our Most Booked Valentine’s Spot?”

Use “Reasons”

Example:“3 Reasons You Should Book Our February 2018 Cruise…”

Use “New”

Example:“Check Out Our Newest Cabins in the Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship”. Everybody is always looking for new holiday ideas.

Use “You are not alone…”

The universal feeling of belonging is stronger among travelers than in other niches.

Example: “You Are Not Alone: We Will Have Your Back during the Entire Barrier Reef Exploration”.

Use “Hey…”

It works very well when you are communicating something informal. It disarms your reader because it sounds like an email from a friend.

Use “Watch this video…”

Statistics show that people love watching videos, not reading through volumes of text. Make sure your video does not redirect your viewers to other pages.

Use “You’ll Love this…”

If you have been sending newsletters to your subscribers, then it means there is a relationship there. Just make sure you do not over promise and under-deliver.

Use “Have You Seen This…”

This phrase is a curiosity invoker. People will want to know what “this” thing is.

Use Mutual Connection

People are more likely to open an email that has a subject line with a name of somebody they are familiar with. They can immediately establish that you are trustworthy.

Example: “Hey Jane, Found You through Mark”

Congratulation Message

If you know a client personally, you can Google their latest achievement and include it in the subject line.

Example: “Hey Damien, Congratulations on Your Promotion…”

Bonus Email Marketing Tips:

Make your emails personal. People know you are in business and have to sell but show your human touch also.

Always give value to your subscribers. Don’t fill up their inbox with useless emails.

Use active voice. Write the email like you are writing it to a personal friend. Since all your subscribers share the common interest of travelling, write the email like you are writing to one person.

Don’t try too hard to spark your readers’ attention. You come off as somebody that’s not genuine.

Segment your list. Find a way to divide your email list according to what people love to read. Some people love general articles while others love to read niche-specific content. In travel, you can have segments such as Safari, Cruising, Winter Vacations, Beach, Weddings, Business Travel, and Budget Travel etc.

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