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How To Make Your Travel Agency Marketing Calendar Better
While creating a calendar is pretty easy, getting the calendar to work for your travel agency is not as clear cut.​

marketing calendar is a simple tool, but it makes the difference between successful and efficient travel marketers and those who are just getting by. While creating a calendar is pretty easy, getting the calendar to work for your travel agency is not as clear cut.

Below are a couple of ideas that we think you should put in mind when creating a travel agency marketing calendar.

Choose Your Travel Suppliers Carefully

As a travel marketer, you should never spread yourself thin by trying to market every travel supplier in your niche. Building strong relationships with a few selected travel suppliers not only helps your business thrive but also helps you concentrate on your core business — growing your travel customers’ number.

To select a good travel supplier, you need to consider two factors:

1.Your Peace of Mind

The only reason travel customers’ book with you is because they trust your ability to get them their dream holiday. You are their link to the travel supplier. Your preferred supplier must be able to offer your customers great travel products. A travel vendor that provides outstanding travel experience to your customers will give you peace of mind, knowing that your customer has been well taken care of.

2. Attractive Commissions

Before you list a vendor as your preferred travel supplier, you must satisfy yourself that his commissions are the best in your niche. You must be remunerated competitively from providing customers to the travel supplier.

Plan Ahead

One of the most famous management truths is that “Failing to plan is planning to fail”. If a travel vendor has an upcoming trip, you should concentrate all your marketing efforts to that trip because most travelers plan their trip 6 months to 2 years ahead of the actual trip.

By marketing early, you are giving your potential customers a chance to attract discounts even as your agency books many travelers.

Time Your Marketing Campaigns

What does your data say about the timing of different client’s trips? Only when you understand this will you be able to run targeted marketing campaigns to attract customers with the budget and intention to buy your travel products. The industry’s best practice is to start marketing your product 3 months before the time the customers are most likely to book.

One of the biggest mistakes a travel agent can do is to have a preferred travel supplier list that overlaps. In this article, the preferred vendors we are talking about are big tour operators such as resorts, hotel chains, travel insurers, car rental companies, airlines, and cruise lines.

Since preferred supplier list is usually privileged information, you will not see such suppliers listed. Click here to see a sample of what a preferred supplier list would look like for a travel agency in the US.

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