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An Email Marketing Campaign has much more to it than just design or content, but those are two pretty great factors, so why not have the best of both?

Travel Agency Tribes allows you to customise each of your customers newsletters while doing almost no work.

Select featured posts for your newsletter campaigns, include your sponsored ads and keep your subscribers engaged with the latest content from your social media feeds and websites.

You can also see exactly how your campaigns are performing with weekly reports right to your inbox.

Check out some of our templates below, click to images to see the full template.


Simple Elegance. A traditional black text on white, this takes its inspiration from the blogs of a simpler time with updated fonts and subtle highlights which grab the users attention.


A minimalist and universally pleasing design with purple accents which highlight the contrast between your calls to action to maximise your click rates and engage your userbase.


A Royaly Colour Pallette inspired template with defined and highlighted labels and calls to actions and an acknowledgement to the author.

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