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Inbound Marketing Report Explained
he Inbound Marketing Report is a systematically compiled report that provides the statistics of what happened with a website. The report compares specific and significant things that happened with the website in the last seven (7) days to the previous seven (7) days.

Web hits

Is the recorded number of times visitors were on a single page of the website.

In this case, the report above shows that of the visits to the site, 190 page views were recorded. The comparison shows that this was 53.2% less than the last recorded set of page views.


Are gathered contact information or demographic information of a customer who is interested in a specific product or service. When a visitor to the site fills out a contact form based on their interest in an offer or about a blog/story that would result in initiating communicating via the website.


New customers who have subscribed to the website, whether by personally subscribing or manually added to the agency's customer database. New customers are also recorded and added to the database after completing and submitting a lead form.


Shows the number of emails successfully sent to the website/agency's customer database


Reflects the number of emails that were opened upon the successful delivery of emails.


Are the number of items within emails that were clicked on when the emails were opened.

In this case, of the single email that was opened two items within it were clicked on.

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