Travel Agency Tribes Email Marketing

By paying attention to your audience, getting to know who your customers or consumers are and consistently providing them with content that captures their attention, your agency can expect to receive organic leads.
We’ve been consultants of digital marketing for travel agencies for a progressive ten (10) years. The number 1 question that we have are asked during all our consultations continues to be, “how do I get more leads?”

Our reply has been the same for these ten years. To get more leads, you need to have a consistent stream of content that reflects the type of travel services that you offer and are confident in selling. 

We also highly recommend that travel agents pay attention to their audience; by doing this, a travel agent will keep in mind who their customers or consumers are. They will know what kind of content they should be creating and sharing to get the feedback that they want. By putting out the right content that their consumers are looking for, they are doing the necessary work that will naturally provide them with leads.

Since our company has been in operation, we have been providing our clients with the ability to drive thousands of organic travel leads all over North America. Our clients can achieve this because they trust our expertise when we tell them that they also needed to make their online operations like that of a media company. 

They had to create extensions of their online operations, and we have helped them to do so. We help them to create and send newsletters, manage their social media and drip campaigns, all of which reroutes everyone back to one place - their website.

But we didn’t just tell them to have a website. We know how important it is to have secure and mobile responsive websites so that they can connect directly to their niche audience. By covering all of these bases, we continue to help them to deliver the content that resonates with their customers. 

We have taught our clients that for them to remain ahead of their competition, they must try to make some form of personal connection with their audience at least twice per month.

As a travel agency, you have to realize that your customers want to know what is happening in the travel industry and what it has to offer. So what do we do? We create content so that our clients can highlight the experiences their customers can look forward to when a cruise line launches a new cruise ship. We also feature popular destinations, the opening of fantastic new resorts, and so much more. We ensure that what’s in it or what consumers can get out of these travel experiences is made clear through the content that we make as we cover everything from supplier to destination to traveller.

Overall, consistently providing your consumers or your audience with good content will result in your agency receiving more organic leads. From this, you will be able to convert into consultations and from that into customers.

We know travel and we know digital marketing. We have the resources to help you to tap into the travel market and grow your business. We’re just waiting for you to ask us how. 

We help grow your business.