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Search Engine Marketing and Durable Asset Marketing are not the same, but if used together, they can provide favorable returns on your investment.
Search engine marketing is paid for before you can use and benefit from it, like Google ads, billboards, and Facebook ads. Durable marketing can be content like ebooks and drip campaigns that you can always refer to and reuse.

The difference is, with Search Engine Marketing as soon as you stop paying for these ads on different platforms, the benefits of using them disappear immediately. Compared to Durable Asset Marketing, the value of your investment is created the moment you make the content, and you can use it in the future.

When you create content based on your experiences. This content can range from the types of trips you've taken to the destinations you recommend, as well as the trips you think everyone should take even once in their life and the type of travel services that you specialize in providing. You can use this pool of content as a lead magnet; to attract customers to you based on what you share. 

You reap the dividends of this marketing each time you share that content, and you don't have to pay extra for all the times that you use and promote or share your content. 

The downside to Durable Asset Marketing is that it isn't as fast as Search Engine Marketing. You can see returns on your investments soon after you've started using the instantaneous marketing tools. Durable Asset Marketing, however, takes a while to get the attention of your desired audience and Google. But after a while, Google will recognize you as an authority on that type of travel, and you will see traffic going to your website and customers choosing to do business with you because of that recognition.

So remember that the single use of one of these types of digital marketing isn't better than the other, but the combination of the two makes that investment worth it.

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