Onboarding Meeting Agenda


ustomer Success Meeting Agenda

Intro from Sales 

Introduce the customer team. Introduce the TAT team.

Intro from Back Office Member

Speak about what we do in these terms:

  • We reactivate your existing customers. This works by sending them a weekly email newsletter that reminds them about your agency and sparks inspiration about travel
  • We get you new customers. This works by publishing your quotes on your website, putting up new supplier content regularly and ensuring that your website is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ready.
  • We keep your customers ready to take a trip - informed and engaged with you. This decreases the chances of them shopping around and increases the chances of them booking their trip with you

We can't want to start working with you on this!

Mailing List 


The customer reactivation newsletter is designed to remind customers about your agency. We take interesting content that's published on your website, like travel news, travel deals and add a personal touch and send this out to your past customers every week. Each email has a call to action which asks the customer "where they want to go next". This brings back the customer to you as a new lead.

Ask the customer these questions:
  • What is the size of your mailing list now?
  • How often do you mail to them?
  • What do you mail to them?
  • Do you think it has been a success so far?
What we will do

We will take their list and make sure each address on it is still good, ensure its de-duplicated and import it into the admin area of their site. We will craft a newsletter every week to be delivered to their customers

What we need

We need a spreadsheet or CSV file of their mailing list. Get a date when this will be delivered. Ask the customer if there is any preferred day of the week they would like the newsletter to go out.


If customers raise objections, reassure them that they can look at a sample of the newsletter before it goes out.



Every day you send out quotes to customers. What if you could re-use that effort? Each quote is a signal to the world of what kind of trips you can put together. We take these quotes and anonymously publish the location, resort, approximate itinerary, approximate time of year and price on your website with a disclaimer (subject to availability and price at the time of booking). This adds new content to your site that you would not normally have. This content can also be published on social media and to your weekly newsletter.

How it works

After sending a quote to a customer, forward it to tap@travelagencytribes.com. We will receive the quote, anonymize it and publish it to your site. We will receive the quote, anonymize it and publish it to your site.

Where it is published

Quotes are published on your website. Once the site is up and live we will send you a link. Show examples on a current website now.

Travel Valet Content


When a new customer walks in or signs up on your website, that customer has an intent to travel to a specific destination. We deliver about 10-14 days of content in the form of 2 emails every day. Email #1 contains the best travel content we can find on the destination. Email #2 contains a chapter from a travel guide for that city or country. These emails are designed to keep your agency in front of these travelers by giving them valued information. Studies show that increasing "customer" touches can dramatically raise their propensity to book with you.

How it works

We will give you a link to easily add new customers to your database. Once you add the customers they will start getting the emails that day.

Social Media Accounts


As new content is published on your website (quotes, blogs, supplier content, etc), we republish that same content to your Twitter and Facebook feeds. Each piece of content will be automatically republished up to 5 times per week over a 7 day period. These posts link back to your website where there are “Calls to Action” to generate new leads.

How it works

We will setup or optimize your existing Twitter and Facebook social media accounts. Then link them to your website's admin area. As we add new content to your site, it will go into a queue to be published in social media.

Questions to ask for each social media account

  • Do you have an account in the service?
  • What is your username on the service?
  • Do you want us to optimize the account for you?
  • Do you want us to post new weekly content as stated above?

Website Management


One of the most fun parts of our service is how your website is managed. You never have to touch it. If you want content added, we'll do it for you. Need to change the color, text or shape of something? We'll do it for you! More importantly, we'll continually add content for you, on auto-pilot, every week.

Categories of Business

  • Cruise Vacations
  • Family Vacations
  • Adventure Travel
  • Corporate Travel
  • Wedding Destinations
  • European Vacations
  • Luxury Travel
  • Caribbean
  • Africa & Safaris
Questions to ask
  •  What's going to be the domain name
  • Can we get a list of your agents (name, title, email, short bio, photo)
  • What is the focus of your agency (cruises, adventure, business, etc) -- pick up to 6 categories from our list
  • Get official name, phone number, email address, physical address
  • Get Logo, splash photos & Color scheme requests
  • Do you have any special pages you want to add?
  • Can you tell us about your "about us" page? Do we need to write it, or do you already have this content?
How to request changes

Send your request to support@travelagencytribes.com

End of Meeting

Please get details of point person in the agency

Send email address of everyone from TAT on the call to those people.

Here are the links to the procedure of setting up new clients:

  1. Send Verticals and Suppliers Before Customer Success Call
  2. Send Welcome Email
  3. Send Questionnaire
  4. Send Follow-up if there has been no reply to the questionnaire after 24-hours
  5. Process to set up New Clients in the system

We help grow your business.