Questions for New Clients


uestions for new clients

Hi <Insert Client's Name>

In order to get things started, there are a few questions we need you to answer for us. You can reply in the space provided in this email and just hit Reply!

  • Can we get a list of your agents and their information such as full name, title, email, short bio and photo? We understand that this list might take some time. When you have the list completed, you can send it to me at support@travelagenytribes.com 
  • Do you have any special pages you want to add to your website?  


  • Can you send us a picture of your company's logo? 
  • Here are a few templates that we have, would you be interested in one of these designs? You can just write the number of the template you are interested in. 


  1. http://www.northsouthtravel.com/  
  2. http://www.jubileeonline.ca/  
  3. http://www.lakeviewtravel.ca/  
  4. http://www.sophiastravel.com/
  •  For the template that you are interested in, what color palette would you like?            


  • Can you tell us about your "About Us" page? Should we use the one already on your website or will you send us the information to put under your "About Us" page? 


Best Regards,

<Insert Your Name and Title Here>

We help grow your business.