The Travel Valet


he Travel Valet

You have a customer going to Peru. Now what?

Typically, an agent would just send the quote and call the customer back a few times to see if they want to book. But we take it ten steps further than that.

Studies show that giving a customer tons of value immediately after the first contact -- stretched out in the succeeding days and weeks -- will increase the possibility of bookings by 80% or more. This means a lot more bookings for you and your agency. But how can you accomplish this?

That's where the Travel Valet program comes in. We give your customer 3 pieces of value immediately after you report that encounter to us:

A Travel Guide

This travel guide typically consists of at least 10 chapters. We send a chapter a day to your customer. It walks them through all the ins and outs of the destination. It's an invaluable way to learn about the destination before they set foot on the plane. It's also branded with you and your agency.

Destination Content

We've curated the best travel information for each destination. We call this our Travel Feed. It has the best articles, videos and photos of the destination. We drip out a little bit of this content each day to your customer. This can last around 10-15 days depending on the amount of content we have for the location.

A Person Travel Concierge

There's one more piece of value. We provide your customers their own personal concierge. The concierge will help them with questions about the destination, so you don't have to. Questions like:

  • Where do I find a vegetarian restaurant near to the hotel?
  • What's a good activity to do tomorrow morning?
  • Is there a museum nearby?

All these things are branded with your agency and help the customer recognize the value you're bringing to the table. 


We help grow your business.