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mail Marketing to reactivate your Travel Agency customers

If it's one thing we've learned since we started the Tribe, its that every agency has a huge list of customers that no longer do business with them.

Reactivating your customers is a pretty hard thing to do.

You don't have the time to run the campaigns every week to keep you in their minds, and at the same time the kinds of campaigns that you're running are not working. What gives?

What you Get

From managing your list, seeking new subscribers and writing the actual newsletters. The Tribe makes this crucial task a "set and forget" type of deal.

Managing your list

Send us your customer list. We'll keep it in the utmost confidence (we've never had a leak or mishandled customers since starting business). We'll properly add customers, remove duplicates and manage all unsubscribes according to the SPAM acts in Canada and the United States.

Writing Newsletters

Most travel newsletters, sad to say, are forgettable. By cutting away the clutter and making it personally from you, we tend to see higher open rates. This means removing most of the graphics, banners and deals and focussing on value.

And since each newsletter gives your customers a "value" win each week, they'll eagerly look for the next one. With a mix of travel advice, what's new around the planet and products from your suppliers, you can be assured of a dynamic newsletter each week that your customers will enjoy and thank you for.

Sending Newsletters

Look, while we will write newsletters and manage your lists we leave the sending to the professionals. That's why we use the same backend that Mailchimp uses to send their emails. It ensures high deliverability rates and a 99% change of arriving in the customer's inbox. Plus we can more easily measure open and click through rates.

Contact us to see a sample of a newsletter as it would appear to your customers.

We help grow your business.