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avvy Content Marketing for Travel Agencies

Normally, Content Marketing means writing blogs, sharing them on Social Media and so on. While we do that for you as well, the meat of our Content Marketing efforts go into persuading customers that request a quote to book with you.

What does this mean?

Perhaps 90% of all quotes sent out to prospective travellers from agents never lead to a booking. How would your agency fare if you could decrease that to 80 or even 70%?

According to a many studies, by increasing the number of contacts with your customers by at least 8 times, you deepen the relationship and increase your trustworthiness - thus increasing the chance that they book with you.

What you Get

To us, this it the most important thing we can do for you. You've spent valuable dollars in rent, advertising and staffing. It makes sense to ensure that more of the customers you attract actually end up booking with you.

Destination Drip Campaign

A customer walks into your office and says they want to go to Mexico. You talk with them, find out the parameters of their trip and then prepare a quote from them. Notmally, thats where it would end for most interactions, but now we take it a bit further.

When you report that interaction to us, we immediately start a drip campaign with curated content that includes the best videos, blog posts and photos of the upcoming destination. All this is branded with your agency and comes from your agent.

Travel Guide Drip Campaign

We've further compiled hundreds of travel guides with the most popular countries and cities around the world. With this information we can send a "chapter a day" via email that increases the "know before you go" intelligence quotient of your customer.

Customers can easily unsubscribe from both drip campaigns at any time. We carefully monitor open events (which you can see) so you know that the customer is consuming these drip campaigns.

With content that's relevant, timely and branded, the chances that your customer will start to research the same trip online will start to drop dramatically.


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