Travel Agency Tribes has expanded the possibilities for us and our Clients!

Travel Agency Tribes has been providing their services to Sanditz Travel for a little over a month now. After the upgrade to the new site we have received 45 new leisure leads, which resulted in a couple bookings with the majority still working with these clients and seeing positive feedback.

The new website is able to provide our clients aspects that they may have needed to go somewhere else for. The e-books provide the user a plethora of useful information to whichever destination they chose to visit. These books have details about transportation, what to visit, when to visit, and anything that they may need when traveling.

Another great part is the blogs. The blogs have fun, interesting topics ranging from new ships all the way to who the best bartender at sea is this. This is great for our leisure clients, they can read a blog article and it can persuade them to take a particular destination, maybe even a destination they never previously considered.

Finally we have BestTrip TV. This supplies you with interesting videos about destinations and activities that are available around the world. These videos range from a Tree Top champagne bar in France all the way to a tour of the WWII landing beaches in Normandy.

One of the great things about all of these new features is that they do not need to go anywhere else for their travel needs. The topics and destinations display a wide variety of choices so no matter what a potential client may ask for, we have the correct information.

With the transition from our old website design to the new website, there were a few bumps, however the Travel Agency team has been able to fix anything we may need for our leisure side in a timely manner.

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by Romario on 04/20/2017 in