Importing An Agency's Mailing List


ere are the steps to import an agency's mailing list:

  • Sign into https://app.travelagencytribes.com and select the agency to import the mailing list for.
  • On the top menu, under "People", select "Customers".
  • Once the page has loaded, click on the "Import from CSV FIle" at the right hand side of the screen. A pop up window will appear, select "Browse" and when the file explorer window appears, select the csv file with the mailing list information. Then click on the button labeled "Next Step".
  • On the next page, you will see the records from the mailing list. Ensure that the checkbox beside "Ignore first row" is checked if the first row in the csv file are labels such as "First Name", "Last Name" etc. If you are uploading a mailing list for an agent specifically, click on the drop down menu under "Importing for" and select the agent that you are importing for. If you are importing for the agency and no specific agent, then ensure that the option in the drop down menu says "no agent".
  • In the boxes above the records, select the appropriate heading for that field from the drop down menu. For example, "First Name", "Last Name" and if there is no heading for that field, select "skip". At the bottom of the page, select the checkbox that says "Yes I am about to import xx new customers" and click "Import xx customers". PLEASE NOTE, THAT IF THE REQUIRED FIELDS FOR A CUSTOMER IS MISSING, THAT IS CUSTOMER NAME AND EMAIL ADDRESS, THEN THE CUSTOMERS WILL NOT BE ADDED. ONLY IF THIS DATA IS IN THE MAILING LIST WILL THOSE CUSTOMERS BE IMPORTED.

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