Creating An Agency


ere are the steps to Create an Agency.

  • Go to "Settings" on the top menu and select "Site Information".

  • Once the page has loaded, this is where all the information relating to the agency will go. The agency's name, email address, phone number, physical address and logo will be added here. The primary email address is very important, this is where all the leads of the agency will go to. In the "Agency Type", the values "Travel Agency", "v2" and "TravelValet" should be entered. In the "Custom Domain Name (CNAME)" field, the format of the address should be agency.gttwl2.com. For example, the agency "Trave Agency Tribes" domain would be travelagencytribes.gttwl2.com. If a company with that domain, already exists, then a variation can be made. For example, travelagency.gttwl2.com or agencytribes.gttwl2.com. If the agency is a french agency, that is, their website will be in french, Please select "french" in the "Language" drop down menu. If this is not done, the links to products and other content will not work.
  • Once all the information is added. Click "Save".

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