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Who takes care of what bills for a  Destination Wedding?
Who takes care of what bills for a Destination Wedding?
Make no mistake. Destination weddings can be pricey, but not if you know how to make them work. Besides, the fact that you will host your wedding at your dream destination is all that matters.

Hiring Help
''If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together'' - African proverb

Following Up
The chances of closing a lead increase by over 85% when you follow up at least 12 times with the customer - IBM

Talk About Yourself
Here’s how to self-promote without being a shameless self-promoter.

''The money is in the list'' - Online business proverb

Update it Frequently
Most people look at their website as an afterthought. No wonder we see so many brochureware and forgotten websites.Search engines like Google rank your website better when its updated often.This means continually adding new destinations, new blogs, testimonials and updating agent profiles.But what’s a good update frequency?Best - DailyGood - WeeklyPoor - MonthlyYou’re begging for trouble - every 6 monthsThink...

As in, distributing the content you already creating into multiple online and offline channels.

SEO for Travel Agencies
Ignore all the emails from SEO firms, if you followed the instructions so far, you’re 95% of the way there.

Tools we Recommend
Free and Paid tools every travel agency should be using already.

Why is This Important?
Most potential travelers - business or leisure - are now looking for travel services online. How will you be found? How can you build trust and become their go-to person for that next trip?

Pull Them in With Content
"If you don’t put it online, then it really doesn’t exist" - Derek Sivers

Call to Action
Don’t forget to ask. But you have to give first.

Generating Leads
Brochure websites merely show information, but never provide a way to capture intent. Does your site do that?

A short guide to Vietnamese food
A short guide to Vietnamese food
The list below paints a picture of the popular Vietnamese culinary options. Go ahead and have your fill...it is experiences such as this one that you will remember long after you have left Vietnam. 1. Pho You will hardly walk through a block in any city in Vietnam without finding a food stand serving the local staple - pho. This...

Myth and scientific phenomena: Iceland's Northern lights
Myth and scientific phenomena: Iceland's Northern lights
From generation to generation in Europe, a lot of superstition was associated with the Northern Lights - also called Aurora Bolearis. Some used to say it was the gods warning of an imminent war while others said it was the heavenly warriors’ breathe. Others thought that the red lights that are common in the lower latitudes were a warning of plagues....

Visit Jaisalmer, the “Golden City” of India
Visit Jaisalmer, the “Golden City” of India
The remote city of Jailsamer in India is where you must be headed if you want to explore artistic structures, temples and monuments, the reasons why it is a World Heritage Site. For a city in India, Jaisalmer is one of the few cities in the country with a population not exceeding a hundred thousand. It covers a total area...

Video:  Popular Destinations In Cuba
Video: Popular Destinations In Cuba
Now that the US enjoys stronger relations with Cuba, it is time to explore this island that is just about 93 miles south.

Top 5 Adventure Destinations in Italy
Top 5 Adventure Destinations in Italy
Italy is perhaps more renowned for its religious monuments, Roman Empire conquests and culinary exploits. The well hidden secret is that this country is as ideal for adventure as any other, if not more. Below are the top Italian adventure hotspots.

Witness The
Witness The "Big 5" On A Safari In Kenya
Africa is known around the world for many things but one of the most intriguing things it is known for is what is called the continent's "Big 5". Many people around the world have heard this term in reference to Africa but still are unsure of what it means. Taking a safari in Kenya is one sure way to find out firsthand.

Experience a Life of Luxury at Grand Stockholm Hotel
Experience a Life of Luxury at Grand Stockholm Hotel
A Warm welcome to Stockholm’s choicest hotel. The Grand Hotel Stockholm has been graced by celebrities, high profile guests, and merry travelers since it was established in 1874.