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The follow-up process makes the difference between successful and struggling Travel Agents

his is Tom MacLean - VP of Sales and Marketing for Travel Agency Tribes.

“Most travel agents view follow-up as only needed when it’s certain the client will be booking a trip". This
is a myth.
Today I will teach you how to follow up with a client without becoming annoying or overbearing. I know what you are thinking; you plan to research the internet of limitless information and try them all. Well that is where I come in. I am going to help you to master the art of following up in two easy steps.

Step 1
Capture the client email.

This seems obvious right? Wrong.

Case in point I visited a beautifully design website that provided me with a lot of information about some real exotic destinations, but to my dismay no call to action feature. The call to action feature is one of the easiest way to capture a client’s email. It can be as simple as listing a destination with a contact for more information form or “register email to be aware when discount price is available for this destination.”

Capturing your client’s email in your database is priceless. It provides you with a ready market to send your
marketing materials, promotions and newsletter to. It makes the difference between doing it yourself and paying thousands of dollars to a company that has a ready database.

Step 2
Auto response.

Don’t you just hate it when you send an email and you do not know if it got to the intended recipient? An auto response can be

as simple as

Hi John, thank you for your business and welcome to the ABC agency, we look forward to servicing you
in the future at your service,


(your agency name).

Auto response is the first phase in fostering a personal relationship with your client. Creating
relationships and I don’t mean intimate ones should be a core part of your service.

Let’s be real, personal relationship makes the difference between a repeated customer and no customer.

Follow-up is the key ingredient in laying a solid groundwork for a profitable relationship.

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