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his is Tom MacLean - VP of Sales and Marketing for Travel Agency Tribes.

This time I’m going to talk about 'talking about yourself' - some bios, how to properly promote and not just your agency, but really the consultants that are in the office.

Have a Bio

Have an agent page where it lists the different consultant that are in your office (first name, last name title). So if you're the manager put that down. If you are a wedding destination, destination wedding specialist for a honeymoon specialist put that down, Adventure specialist - things like that.

How to Add More Credibility to Yourself

Try to make the bio pages concise with atleast two paragraphs. Here's what you can talk about:

  • You can talk about your experience in the industry.
  • If you've been around for a long.
  • If you've been traveling for about 10 or 15 years.
  • If you've traveled a lot of different destinations (list some of the destinations you can travel to if you been all seven continents).
  • If you have done safaris in Africa.

Things like that you really want to highlight because people want to talk to someone that is an expert in a particular area or destination.

Your name, email address, phone number - all of that are all key components and you also want to have a call-to-action as well on the page.

You also want to ask where they're interested in going to, the sort of a time frame of where they want to go, and some details about the trip.

The last thing you want on the form is, for them to put their first name lat (contact name, email address and phone number) for you to follow up, and get a hold of that particular customer.

How to Write Great Blogs

If yourself as a consultant, or somebody in the office has been on a fan tour or you have hosted a group tour - write about that experience because the more of expertise that you're showing, the better chances are that you're actually gonna get potential customers that are interested in talking to you.

When you also have a full blog attached to your profile that the customer can read, that's really going to enhance your value proposition as a consultant, and to be able to potentially get that customer's business.

Show who the consultants are the office and tell their story!

Generating Leads

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