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his is Tom MacLean - VP of Sales and Marketing for Travel Agency Tribes.

I am going to briefly talk about SEO (search engine optimization).

What is SEO?

SEO is really something that anyone is putting together in a website - that is essentially a part of the whole package. It also optimized sites that is pretty much standard in the industry. However, it is really not as important as a lot of people might let you think that it is.

The really most important thing is content. 10% that it might be a little tricks of the trade that SEO companies can do to help you out, however, 90% of it is going to be content.

Anything that you're writing it should really be summarized in the title itself. It should be something attention-grabbing and that when you read the article it should be exactly about what the title was as well.

The Do's and Don't

You don't speak to your audience. Don't make it too long because a lot of customers now are looking at content on their smartphones, and people's attentions are less and less, so try to keep it as short and concise as possible as you can.

So things that are going to be there are going to be interesting for your travelers that you have on your website, that are looking at your content and what's going to be something that's gonna be an interesting event. Also, know the different or new products that are out there - something that is unique and different that could be of interest as well.

Always think of it from the customer's perspective (what's going to be something that you think it was enjoyed reading?) and also think of it from your perspective as a travel consultant (what grabs your attention? What is it that makes you interested in reading something?).

You don't need to spend thousands of dollars to be able to work with SEO firms to optimize your website - you really don't need that!

The key things are lots of great content. Consistently doing that and if you can do that consistently then it's 90% of the battle. So that's it.

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