For a country named after a cold and uninviting element, you might find yourself surprised at how colourful Iceland’s countryside can be. Take eight days to get personal with the northern country and it’s climate as you sail from Reykjavik to stunning landscapes such as the towering Mt. Kirkjufell, the waterfalls of the Snafellsnes Peninsula, the red sandy coast of Raudasandur Beach and the seas of flowers in Pingeyri. It’s a trip like no other, showing the warm, beating heart of a country with a cold exterior.


Cruise the rugged coast of the Westfjords looking out for puffins, nesting birds and whales along the way

Only a fraction of visitors to Iceland make it across to the far-flung west, and the lack of tourists make its landscapes and villages a dream to explore

Make like a Viking at Pyngeyri, the setting for some of Iceland's legendary literature, including The Sagas.

Tour the spectacular Snaefellsnes Peninsula by road. Known as Iceland in Miniature, this destination has a great amount of the spectacular scenery Iceland is famous for – all in one place