A place of love, history and exquisite flavours, the northern part of the former Roman Empire is a cultural heartland full of hidden treasures. Hear the song of the lapping waterways echo through the streets of Venice, dip your toes in the ocean by the beautiful Ligurian coast, make and taste authentic Italian pesto, savour delicious Tuscan cuisine, scale the leaning tower of Pisa and fight like a gladiator in Rome as you whisk through Northern Italy on this fantastic family holiday.


Try your hand at mask making in Venice with a local specialized Venetian Atelier

Walk the famous paths of the Cinque Terre

Take the perfect photo of the Leaning Tower of Pisa

Step back in time at Gladiator School

Learn about Art while in Rome taking part in a hide and seek activity

No Italian adventure would be complete without a Pesto making class.