Dip into the incredible culture, wildlife, sights, sounds and way of life that every stop in Africa offers. Whether you’re watching sparse land give way to incredible greenery as the savanna turns to national park or if you’re silently observing as a pride of lions stalk past your safari group, this African trip is sure to give you memories that will last a lifetime. Begin at the truly awe-inspiring Victoria Falls before heading into Matobo National Park for your first chance to spot the rare black rhino. Explore numerous World-Heritage listed sites (including the Great Zimbabwe Ruins) and perhaps spend a morning doing nothing more than snorkelling around in the clear freshwaters of Lake Malawi. This African adventure will deliver a generous helping of wildlife, relaxation and memories.


Experience the rumble and roar of Victoria Falls from the Zimbabwe side, which gives you the broadest view

Discover the magic of South Luangwa National Park, a highly concentrated arena of noble beasts and exotic wildflowers, on a morning game drive

Explore the largest ruins in sub-Saharan Africa, the World Heritage-listed Great Zimbabwe

Get a taste of the colourful cities of the region, with time in Lusaka, Harare and Bulawayo

Accompanied by a local crew — a leader, driver and cook – you'll be in excellent hands for the duration of your adventure