Embark on a 2-week adventure through Northern Kenya and Ethiopia, taking in views of exotic wildlife backlit by breathtaking sunsets and encountering locals that live in harmony with harsh environments. Spot crocodiles as they bask off the shores of Lake Chamo, take a game drive through a rhino sanctuary in Nanyuki, see nomadic pastoralists like the Rendille people on a journey through semi-arid Marsabit County, shop among locals at the border town markets of Moyale and stay in a village of conical-rooved huts set onto rock terraces in Konso.


Hike to Old Moses Point for views over the twisting valleys and rugged peaks of Mount Kenya National Park

Spend time in the World Heritage-listed town of Konso, a traditional village set onto rocky terraces

Embark on a game drive in the Ol Pajeta Conservancy, where you'll see giraffe, zebra, elephant, jackal, hippo, rhino, baboon and gazelle roam among the acacia trees and 'whistling thorn' shrubs

Visit the crater lakes that sit atop Mt Marsabit. The aptly named Lake Paradise is partly covered by Nile cabbage and rimed by verdant forest

Cruise in search of hippos, Nile crocodiles and flourishing birdlife on Lake Chamo