Discover the natural delights of West Africa by boat. Cruise the Gambia river, where both the water and trees along the bank are teeming with wildlife and make a humbling stop at Kunteh Kinteh-where the American slave trade began. Enjoy the rare chance to see chimpanzees swing from branches in Kuntaur and ponder the purpose of the ancient Wassu stone circle.


Become one of the few who has seen chimpanzees in their natural habitat at the Chimp Rehabilitation Center in Kuntaur

Explore Bao Bolong Wetland Reserve where a combination of woodlands, mangroves and salt-marsh house hyenas, crocodiles, sand boa snakes and more

Spend time in a Gambian family compound, where relatives by blood and marriage live communally

Visit Kunteh Kinteh, the historical setting of the first potion of Roots, and tour the ruins of a European fort in this once central trading post and origin of the American slave trade