Embark on an immersive wildlife safari in East Africa, visiting the world’s last remaining northern white rhinos in Kenya and braving the wilds of Uganda. Departing Nairobi, visit Ol Pejeta Conservancy to see these magnificent and heavily guarded beasts, before entering the spectacular Great Rift Valley and stopping at Lake Nakuru. Track rhinos at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, go birdwatching at Lugogo Wetlands, watch the great flow of the Nile over the unique Murchison Falls, and admire the mahoganies and ironwoods of Rabongo forest as chimpanzees swing about. With such rare wildlife viewing opportunities, an abundance of stunning landscapes, and stories of hope and survival to take the breath away, this is the East Africa safari most travellers merely dream of.


For wildlife lovers and rhino enthusiasts alike, this is one of the greatest adventure travel opportunities in Africa out there. The chance to see a species so rare and imposingly beautiful does not come often

Game drives at Ol Pejeta and Lake Nakuru are included. And with both destinations famous for their black and southern white rhinos, there’s a great chance of sighting some

Meet the resilient women of Kenya involved in One Horizon, a Nairobi social enterprise making a real difference to the lives of local females

Rhino tracking at the Ziwa sanctuary is included in the trip price, and you’re in great hands with local experts who know the bush like the back of their hand

Murchison Falls is a beauty to behold. Hike through the jungle to watch the Nile force its way through a narrow gap between rocks and plummet into Lake Albert

There’s the chance to go chimp-tracking – or simply use your free time to explore – in Budongo Forest Reserve

Every traveller booked onto this adventure results in a donation towards East Africa Wildlife Society

Just because you’re going on safari in Africa doesn’t mean you have to skimp on comfort. Enjoy well-appointed quarters and excellent 4x4 transport along the way