The stunning beauty of East Africa’s steamy rainforests and sprawling savanna is a breathtaking backdrop for an adventure into the habitat of the magnificent gorillas and majestic rhinos. Trekking through some of Uganda’s most dense areas of jungle is a challenging, but incredibly rewarding experience and coming face-to-face with a mountain gorilla is a moment that will remain imprinted on the memory for years to come. Matched with cruising along the Kazinga Channel, and game drives through some of East Africa’s most iconic national parks, this trip provides a lottery win on the wildlife front. Along the way, encounter local people whose friendly smiles and sense of community is a warm welcome to East Africa.


Search for gorillas near the border of Rwanda

Learn a dark history at the Genocide Museum

Taste traditional African cuisine

Spot wildlife in Nakuru National Park

Trek through the dense Ugandan rainforest

Find rhinos in the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary