Lying adjacent to the east coast of Africa, Madagascar is home to stunning mountains, spectacular rainforests and white, sandy beaches. The island protects incredible numbers of endangered lemurs, rare plants and birds within its expansive national parks. Go trekking beneath lush tree canopies for a close-up look at Madagascar's most famous creatures, walk through quaint towns filled with markets and European-influenced architecture, and enjoy relaxing holiday time on magnificent Indian Ocean beaches. Combining friendly locals, fascinating wildlife and idyllic island vistas, the Madagascar experience is a unique slice of paradise.


Stay in a cottage deep within the Ranomafana National Park ā€“ surrounded by lush rainforest and countless species of flora and fauna.

See how many species of lemur you can spot in Isalo, Anadsibe and Ranomafana National Parks (there are 33 different types!).

Learn how sapphires are mined from the experts: the people of Ilakaka ā€“ the worldā€™s largest sapphire exporter!

Explore the sandstone formations, deep canyons, palm-lined oases and vast grasslands of Isalo National Park ā€“ just some of its awesome variety of landscapes.

Take a refreshing dip in the Indian Ocean from the relatively untouched paradise of Ill Sainte Marie.