There aren’t too many places in the world that can offer a holiday like Tunisia. This captivating, diverse and friendly Mediterranean destination is back on the map. With a fraction of the visitors its Arabic and North African neighbors attract, Tunisia is a place to experience seaside bliss, desert landscapes, and a history as fascinating as in Egypt or Iran.  It feels like a secret destination; where scents of jasmine float on sea breezes, coriander and cinnamon dance on the taste buds and there is always ample time to discover and explore uncrowded villages and ancient sites.  It’s an exotic, mysterious and underrated destination -  there has never been a better time to visit Tunisia.


Stay among the whitewashed walls of Sidi Bou Said, a gorgeous town perched high on a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean. Explore the café scene and check out the work of local artisans

Visit the UNESCO site of Dougga, an ancient Roman Berber city and arguably the most magnificent Roman site in Africa.

Spend the night in Le Kef, an authentic village on the edge of the Atlas mountains with an imposing kasbah sitting high on the top of mountain.

Make like Luke Skywalker and spend the night in a Troglodyte dwelling in Matmata

Jump on an optional movie set tour in Tozeur and discover Mos Espa, Jedi Duel & the Star Wars Canyon

Camp in a ‘field of sand’ on the edge of the Grande Erg Oriental and enjoy the hospitality of local Berbers