Myth, religion and wonder come together on this expedition across the timeless terrain of Egypt and Jordan. From the mysteries of the Sphinx to the sublime stone structures of Petra, discover ancient sites galore. Travel on a felucca down the mighty Nile,  and spend a night with Bedouin locals amid the sand dunes of Wadi Rum – these are just some of the highlights that make this adventure across the sands of time truly memorable. Before booking on this trip we recommend that you read the ‘Safety’ section in the trip notes regarding special safety considerations for Egypt trips.


See the grand burial sites of the pharaohs in the valley of the Kings.

Explore vibrant Cairo with its bustling markets and colourful streets.

Experience Nubian hospitality with a home cooked meal.         

Experience the feeling of weightlessness as you float in the super salty Dead Sea.    

Spend the night trying to count the billions of stars or chat with the locals at our bedouin-style camp in Wadi Rum  

Check out the rock cut tombs and the remains of the ancient city of Petra.