Make history by becoming one of the few people to set foot on the North Pole. Start your journey in Longyearbyen, Svalbard, before boarding an Antonov AN-74 aircraft to Barneo Ice Camp. Situated at 89 degrees north, it is one of the most remote expedition base camps in the world and has to be constructed each year by an international team of experts. Only a handful of people are able to visit a year, and while here you’ll spend two-days learning about the scientific and research activities being conducted. Hear lectures and presentations about the history, geography and wildlife of the Arctic, including walrus, ringed seals, ribbon seals and polar bears. The pinnacle of this journey is boarding a Mi8 helicopter to the North Pole, the northernmost part of the world and a place rarely seen by humans. You’ll have plenty of time to celebrate this incredible achievement before heading back to Barneo Ice Camp to share stories about your time on the North Pole.


Spend a night at Barneo Ice Camp, one of the most remote scientific research stations on the planet

Mingle with scientists, engineers and explorers, learning first-hand about the research activities being conducted at the camp

Weather permitting, enjoy a fully-guided helicopter flight to the North Pole, landing on top of the world at 90° north. Very few people have set foot here before

Enjoy hearty meals and accommodation in comfortable, heated tents

Explore the unique and quirky culture of Longyearbyen, Norway