Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand. Markets, all the street food, beaches, temples, snorkelling, more food, sights, homestays, really, really freaking amazing temples, fish pedicures, long-tail boat rides, more food. It's 22-days of full-throttle southeast Asian travel with awesome adventure and a cool crew to keep you company.


Balance on a tiny streetside stool in Hanoi's Old Quarter, soaking up the buzzy vibes and the city's best entertainment - the traffic

Who'd have thought green seas and giant mossy rocks could be so pretty? Cruising on Lan Ha Bay is bliss

A little touch of France here, a little bit of China there - and all in Vietnam! Chill out in the cultural mixed bag of Hoi An. Hit up the local beach, cycle through rice paddies or get some sweet threads tailor-made

Is there anything more awesome than Phan Rang? Yep! It's free time in Phan Rang. Whether you fill it with beachside lolling, village hopping or snorkelling is up to you

There's nothing quite like staying with a Cambodian family in a traditional homestay in Chambok. You'll be feasting and gossiping with the locals in no time

After a guided tour of Angkor Wat, we guarantee you’ll be feeling very 'Tomb Raider'