Jungle escapades, city expeditions, swimming, swimming and more swimming. Sound good? Duh! From the bustling streets of Bangkok to the jungle of Khao Sok, sleep on a raft, kick back at Krabi and eat your way through Penang and Singapore. If this trip was a dish it would taste like Singapore’s chilli crab. Hot enough to keep you on your toes with a whopping great serve of salt water.


The excitement of cities like Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur can be overwhelming, but with the insider knowledge of your local leader you can cut through the chaos and bee-line it to the hottest spots

Khao Sok National Park is like stepping into another world – an essential experience in Thailand, nature-lover or not

14 days of three different cuisines: Singaporean, Malaysian and Thai. Delish!

There's plenty of free time to make your own discoveries