Kick off in old Bangkok, wind through fun-times Chiang Mai and cross the border into Laos where the real adventure begins. Cruise on the mighty Mekong, laze in Laos' beauty queen Luang Prabang, love on nature in Vang Vieng and finish up in sleepy Vientiane. You know they’re a welcoming bunch when you cross something called the Friendship Bridge. Take a leaf out of the Laotians book and make a few new friends in this part of the world.


Laos means laaaid-back. This is one of the most chilled-out countries going around

Two days of cruising down the Mekong River in a traditional-style boat is one Southeast Asia's classic trips, with more photo-ops than you can shake a bamboo cane at

Travel just like a local on an overnight train in Thailand

The UNESCO-listed city of Luang Prabang is a serious slice of exotica. Between the French villas and the blazing sunsets over the Mekong, you won't know which way to look

You know those pictures of Laos you always see on the internet, the ones of cascading turquoise pools drenched in gorgeous rays of sun? That's Kuang Si Waterfalls and you get to swim there if you choose